Goodbye to my 19 year old friend

2021.09.26 17:29 TimelyDab Goodbye to my 19 year old friend

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2021.09.26 17:29 miggiemac518 What would you smoke first?

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2021.09.26 17:29 RoyalSoldierx A Place for My Head: understanding the song
This song was originally called Esaul. Pronounce like Eh-Saw-Ool He was the first vocalist before Mark. Mark was his roommate.
The song is about someone who counts favors and always wants something in return. You’re fed up and need some time away from them. By time I mean they are completely cut off at this point. “Find another place to feed your greed while I find a place to rest!” Not my top 10 songs on the album but it’s ok.
If they were to put one of the demos, for sure!
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2021.09.26 17:29 CAPOXOXO Am i the only one who thinks josh should play watch dogs 1 and maybe 2

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2021.09.26 17:29 Paulio43 What are the percentages?

This is asked about Custom Footwear Jambalaya Gumbo and anything involving percentage increase that doesn't show how much
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2021.09.26 17:29 Party_Disaster_693 bulchin

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2021.09.26 17:29 galaksigezgini42 Eyy bir devrin mütahitleri yardım istiyorum, yardım edin lütfen. Kısaca anlatıyorum ben sadece internet kafeye gidip power tuşuna basıp dosyaları karıştırabilen,sunu hazırlayan, lol oynayabilen ve google kullanabilen basit seviyede bir insandım. Bilgisayar bilgim sıfıra yakın yani. Babam +++

+++ dedi ki üniversiteye geçtiğin için ikinci el bir dizüstü bak dedi. Sorun şu ki ben bakarken neye dikkat edeceğimi bilmiyorum veya donanım özelliklerinin ne anlam ifade ettiğine ya da ne olması gerektiğine. Sizden ricam bana bu konularda bilgi verin, nelere dikkat etmem lazım, vs?
Bilgisayarda üniversitede ekstra ne yaparım bilmiyorum ama şu anlık kullandığım şeyler şunlar: ofis programları, powerpoint, film ve dizi izleme, gmail gönderme, chorem'da dolaşma. Bundan başka bir şey yapmadım, bunun üstünde üniversitede ekstra ne kullanırım bilmiyorum. Okuyacağım bölüm gıda mühendisliği.
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2021.09.26 17:29 KneezMz Party Finder in a Nutshell.

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2021.09.26 17:29 crystalsurfer20 I finally broke my players with a foe they could never beat.... a book

Hey friends! So I have a Monday night with a group of players who I adore. While I enjoy their RP they have, frankly a better understanding of game mechanics than I do so it’s normally really hard to challenge them.
However to everyone’s surprise a simplistic skill check finally got the best of them.
For context we play a homebrew world where the players are balancing by a traveling circus as well as finding comets of pure arcane energy. Since magic is generally very uncontrollable in my world the players normally have to fight or subdue the wild arcane shenanigans before being able to harvest these comets.
While they are able fight the manifestations of the comet quite easily they noticed that this one random story book was being affected by this comet, causing its cast of characters to burst from the page, attacking the players.
Now all the players had to do was roll a 15 strength saving throw to close this book and the spewing of murderous children’s book characters would stop.
I don’t know why but after 6 rounds of 7 people, each rolling checks to close this book, even to the point of ignoring the creatures that spawned no one was able to close this book. The party tried everything, they gave the strongest character help actions, empowered them with all their spell slots, nothing was able have them roll above a even a 5. It even got so bad that one of the characters had advantage and rolled double nat 1’s to which he proudly proclaimed “my character has always hated books so can I have to where they just want to attack this book?”.
What followed was a 3 way quasi pvp where part of the group was stabbing a book to death, another part trying to save this tome, and another just holding back the growing tide of marauding Teletubbies.
Eventually they didn’t even successfully close the book, they just were able to stab all the pages out, until there were literally no more stories to be animated.
I know it’s a bit long but if you made it this far thanks for your time.
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2021.09.26 17:29 RedSocietyGreenSheep Better things to do…

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2021.09.26 17:29 Josuke_Kun_45 Wasted

So,I brought in Jiménez and kept him for weeks. This week I had to make a decision Raphinha in for Saka or Bamford in for Jiménez. Seeing Raphinha's injury doubt and Jiménez's poor form I went for Bamford and guess what? Raphinha and Bamford both scored 8. I will get Regulion off the bench with probably 1 and Saka with 2. No luck at all. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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2021.09.26 17:29 Shekel_In_Gaza_Strip Nee hoor, gelijkenissen met het verleden bestaan echt niet...

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2021.09.26 17:29 -dietgoss- Found out my chart is weirdly symmetrical and wondered if that could mean something. Help, pls?

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2021.09.26 17:29 Suitable_Secretary_4 I need money lol

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2021.09.26 17:29 Dapper_Dildo This happens quite a lot

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2021.09.26 17:29 DizzBizzOfficial Game Devlog #1 (Tamil/English) Game Devlog #1 (Tamil/English) submitted by DizzBizzOfficial to Unity2D [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 17:29 ZealousidealBerry887 Palpitations after certain foods.

I’ve recently started concerta. I’m on 27mg and feel great. But when I eat or even drink water I feel like the medicine is maybe releasing faster than normal and making me have heart palpitations. Does anyone else experience this?
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2021.09.26 17:29 kyrachel Naruto run

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2021.09.26 17:29 ChristmasIsCool1988 What kind of lizard is this? Found in South Florida

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2021.09.26 17:29 NewsElfForEnterprise MS Coast city celebrates growing Hispanic community that's shaping business, schools

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2021.09.26 17:29 twiceasfit 20 MIN SUMMER ABS WORKOUT // Get shredded abs for summer 2021 | Twice as Fit

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2021.09.26 17:29 tiredasusuaaal Struggling - physics 1A03

If any upper year students have taken Physics 1A03 online (post covid) and would be down to have a super panicked first year ask a question or two about it, please please DM me or comment😭
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.26 17:29 GrandChancellorNoah How to flee to United Contana or Arcasia?

I have fled to Kyrute before and tried to get to one of the superpowers. Yet failed, do any of ya know how?
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2021.09.26 17:29 dutchboy212 Snapgroep

Wie heeft snapgroep link??
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2021.09.26 17:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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