2021.09.26 17:21 sticky_toadfish Onlyfans

Has there been any update to her onlyfans? Any one know when it drops or if she’s still doing it?
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2021.09.26 17:21 DareDisastrous4481 Conteúdo da baianinha , promoção do final de semana ( chama no chat )

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2021.09.26 17:21 fermat- Lacrosse practice at the Farm Bureau in Davidsonville

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2021.09.26 17:21 dirkisgod [OFFER] NEXO - $22 total - 10$ from them and $12 from me (Worldwide)

Nexo is a crypto platform where you can deposit both crypto or USD/EUGBP and earn up to 12% interest on your newly added assets. They offer some similar services to the ones provided by Celsius or Blockfi.
You can also buy, sell and swap more than 100+ assets on their exchange
They launched a referral program, where you get a $10 bonus paid in BTC for depositing at last $100 of any asset and holding it for 30 days.
You must fund your account before September 30 to get $12 from me
Short steps

  1. $bid for invite link
  2. Sign up and deposit at least $100, can be crypto or fiat (€/£/$)
  3. Hold the equivalent of $100 or more for at least 30 days
  4. You will get a $10 credit in BTC credit
  5. I'll send $12 via Revolut/Cashapp
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2021.09.26 17:21 Lilbronx22 ID on them please?

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2021.09.26 17:21 Zmd2005 Are there any guns that work on vampires well?

This is to say, guns that will make a vampire think twice about messing with you, but aren’t entirely impossible to get your hands on in the game
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2021.09.26 17:21 marciosimoess hey im having some issues lately... can you help me?

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2021.09.26 17:21 beergunsbbq I feel bad for all the Gen Z kids who started watching this crap really young

Not sure what kind of damage it's doing to them. But compared to some of the older people here, they've probably been able to access porn since a very young age. I'd wonder what kind of permanent damage that kind of long term viewing has done on their brains. This stuff needs to be taught in sex ed to alert everyone of the negative effects.
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2021.09.26 17:21 Bryndonk Fellow console players.

Is the half second delay before an items stats appear when you hover over it in the vendor bothering anyone else? I know it’s a small thing but it hurts my soul.
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2021.09.26 17:21 colicheRenali My first Blender LEGO artwork!

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2021.09.26 17:21 WeHaveJams Smells Like Happy

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2021.09.26 17:21 Soul-Revival I took a 200-15ng/ml test and these were results. Am I clean? Are these accurate

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2021.09.26 17:21 pinoybiz2k8 Green Peas with Quail Eggs | Panlasang Pinoy Meaty Recipes

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2021.09.26 17:21 Pupazz Beginner Upgrade Path

Hello HA. Last week I decided to treat myself to a DAC for my computer. I didn't really expect to hear much of a difference for most things, but I think I'm able to detect the limits of my headphones / source now. So now I'm interested in what would be a solid upgrade for me/ a good match for the DAC. DAC is a iFi Zen v2, current headphones are Audio-Technica ATH-M30X.
Budget is £100 to £200. I'd prefer closed backs. Noise cancelling isn't very important. I'll be using it cabled, so BT isn't a factor. I don't want anything over-bassy. I'd like a fairly neutral sound. Mic or inline controls are not wanted. Big over ears with a comfy fit preferred.
What do you think? Thanks.
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2021.09.26 17:21 Gcnever23 THIS EXISTED! ----- Angelfish/Hoshimati Suisei × Amane Kanata

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2021.09.26 17:21 crankygirl1234 Right now and for over five years I’ve had bad lower back pain and insomnia! We tried Pregabalin before and it helped with pain but I got super dizzy! I just saw her and she told me she had never heard that complaint! She said it wasn’t dose dependent anyone know or have wisdom!

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2021.09.26 17:21 Kira-Xavier What's the first Class S car you ever owned?

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2021.09.26 17:21 grimfirestorm [PC][Discord][Clan] UK/EU Over 25's ONLY KillerHurtz

Must be aged 25+ & Reside in the UK/EU. Be active & social in discord voice. We are a social community as well as a very active gaming one. We really enjoy having a laugh together.
We are a large enough community to have 3 in-game clans. Meaning you will always find someone to team up with for any activity. But still small enough to always know everyone.
We have realistically about 20-30 active people on everyday & through the evening.
Building & optimizing for TU 12 with very experienced players.
You can create your own clan activities with our built-in calendaring system, as a result, we have Raids & all sorts of other events every day, throughout the day.
We also Have other games such as Destiny 2, Battlefield, etc.
We have bring your own game channels available (play any game you want & team with anyone else in the server who has the same game) along with guest channels.
We believe in a strong community of supportive players, there to help each other. No need to solo or LFG anymore if you too are a focused player.
Checkout our Testimonials here Real Testimonials & Feedback
We are a relaxed group of mature gamers in it for the laughs as much as we are about enjoying the game. We believe that for a community to stay alive people need to be on discord voice.
PM Me or ShadawneyZA if interested
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2021.09.26 17:21 ChallengeThese7752 Potion farm stopped working?!?!

Did they change something with the new patch update? My potion farm randomly stopped working and I can't seem to get it back operational.
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2021.09.26 17:21 MurturinMikli Cursed cheap skeletons

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2021.09.26 17:21 craig_b2001 Join r/StonedBeings to win a FREE Stoned Ape NFT (cardano only)

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2021.09.26 17:21 SugarAware5477 HSP thoughts and poetry

I am an HSP male. I am straight. 38 years old. Two children. It’s been both tough and beautiful. Working with a therapist has been wonderful. Learning to love myself has been such a joy and very healing as I have had to hide from who I am for much of my life. I recently had a series of stresses that overwhelmed me and sent me to that familiar dark place. Instead of running from it, I am learning to lean into it and just sit with it and trust that it will pass like it always does. I have the benefit of feeling the beauty of life more than others but of course there is a flip side to that. I documented my feeling over the last couple of days as I went into the darkness and reemerged from it:
Part 1
Impenetrable veil blocking levity Insurmountable wall guarding me from brightness The sun is going down before it ever rose I can’t find a way out of the well Help me Lord. Help me find the river. The life force. Will myself to keep moving forward Breathe life into me Fire of hope consume Rain down major chord keys Let the earth rip open and light shine out Staring directly into the abyss The darkness makes me shiver My body agitated and stressed The foggy mist becomes thicker
Part 2
The ground begins to shift A peaceful slumber satiates the haunting ghost Hope briefly peeking through the growing cracks The slow trudge uphill becomes a faster pace The ground begins to level Lightness begins to descend on my soul My brain ticked with laughter Primal desires of the flesh reactivate I sit in contemplation Where was I when I was lost? Where am I now arriving? How long will I be here? When does the next train to darkness leave? Can I choose not to be board it? The question go unanswered as always they do Toss them aside to bask in the light and warmth Fell the presence of the divine mystery
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2021.09.26 17:21 andydock90 Rock crawling

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2021.09.26 17:21 gmarsh1996 Why do flash carts cost so much?

To be fair, I'm sure not all of them are expensive, but it just seems like the ones for the more common systems like NES, SNES, etc all seem to be crazy expensive. Or could it be that I'm looking at the wrong ones? I own a decent enough collection to where spending that much on a flash cart wouldn't be worth it to me. I really would only use flash carts for the more hard to find games or homebrew (SNES Mario World hacks, for example).
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2021.09.26 17:21 SilentReplacement How do I save myself from Google’s tracking with it’s Pixel line of phones right out of the box?

So I work as a digital product designer and I own an iPhone and use NextDNS & Lockdown to monitor & block anything and everything that’s just shy of breaking the phone or an app from working. Now I’m thinking of getting a Pixel 4a 5G and use the same technique to block as much of tracking as possible from Google on Android.
I am aware of Graphene & CalyxOS, but I want to use and study the stock Android style before I install those. Which brings me to my questions:

  1. Is it possible to use the stock Android as is and block as many tracking as possible using NextDNS & Lockdown method I mentioned earlier? Or anything similar?
  2. If I install CalyxOS, will I still get to feel and experience the native OS interface & experience that Android ships with?
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