I review the AK-50 Posted September 26, 2021 at 10:00AM

2021.09.26 18:52 c6cycling I review the AK-50 Posted September 26, 2021 at 10:00AM

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2021.09.26 18:52 beterfamilyguy I just won this gift card if anyone wants it $20

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2021.09.26 18:52 No-Poet1958 My technician had a heart attack

And my bosses response is to hire more and step it up
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2021.09.26 18:52 LORDNOAR Final Picture dump here and we're done! 6 months of work, GSC Escalation League army (and my first Warhammer Army ever) is completely battle ready with a league record of 3-5

Final Picture dump here and we're done! 6 months of work, GSC Escalation League army (and my first Warhammer Army ever) is completely battle ready with a league record of 3-5 submitted by LORDNOAR to genestealercult [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 18:52 Tweepyart [FOR HIRE] Cartoon art in 3 styles! Link to portfolio below. Dm for info

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2021.09.26 18:52 EDMLiveset Armand van Helden @ Ministry of Sound London - 18-09-2021

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2021.09.26 18:52 wazoox Tomates farcies.

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2021.09.26 18:52 wylin247 Covid 19 test for travel

Has anyone taken the test for international travel recently? I'm aware Shoppers does testing but it seems there guarantee is results within 48 hours of testing, I would prefer to have results faster and not cut it close to the flight time. Any other recommendations would be great.
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2021.09.26 18:52 Legitimate-Author545 Do-Follow Backlinks Submission Sites To Improve Your Website’s SEO

Link-building is argued to be one of the most important parts of your Website SEO strategy. Link-building can be a demanding task but can drastically improve your website’s SEO score and in turn, you will likely drive more traffic to your website. By submitting your website to the following websites you will gain do-follow backlinks for your website that will greatly improve your website’s SEO. The domains in our list are high in DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) you can use these websites to boost your website’s SEO.
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2021.09.26 18:52 Bruhmadmax1 w

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2021.09.26 18:52 No-Cup781 Beginner on an erg.

I just got an erg 2 days ago and decided to a session today. I’m 15 I weigh around 100kg and I’m 6’1. I did a 24 minute 5k and I was wondering if it was good. I’ve done rowing for months before but it has been 3 months since I have.
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2021.09.26 18:52 lost-in-earth When did Jews become a demographic minority in Palestine?

I apologize if this is the wrong sub for this, but I believe that this question covers the region and time period this sub is devoted to.
A lot of times I hear people say that the reason Jews became a demographic minority in Palestine was due to the First Jewish War and the Bar Kokhba revolt. People often say that the Romans exiled and killed the Jews such that they were no longer a majority in Palestine. This often gets talked about in regards to Zionism, which I won't get into.
However, I have also heard some people say that this isn't true and that Jews were a demographic majority in Palestine for centuries after these revolts before eventually becoming a minority.
Can anybody give me some quotes from actual scholars on the topic?
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2021.09.26 18:52 AsterixLolHappyFace r/DaniDev posts be like:

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2021.09.26 18:52 Flamefether Do you people still spam block?

I did on my first play through but I don’t anymore unless I’m panicked
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2021.09.26 18:52 EDMLiveset Justin Berkmann @ Ministry of Sound London - 18-09-2021

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2021.09.26 18:52 Diligent-Mode-1190 Jemand tauschen?

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2021.09.26 18:52 kezinchara Having fun

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2021.09.26 18:52 aidanthomo2003 Ayo get off my sub pls

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2021.09.26 18:52 Lancelot617 38/CST Laid back gaming

Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to co-op a few games with. I mostly game open world and rpg games, never really got into mmo/pvp.
I play to have fun, never rush, and have a good laugh while playing.
Here are some of the games I am looking to co-op with.
Divinity 2 (personal favorite) Halo 1,2,3 Diablo 3 Grounded Fallout 76 Borderlands 2
My availability changes weekly due to a rotation at work, I apologize in advance. Let me know if you are up for playing great co-op games, having fun, and not rushing/speed running through everything.
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2021.09.26 18:52 VividestCupid34 H: Exquisite fixer collection W: Tasteful groll/legacy offers

Med2525 x2
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2021.09.26 18:52 elves_lavender Convert py to exe PySimpleGUI

I have just made my first exe program using pysimplegui exemaker.
It works fine.
However, my task takes time to execute (~3-4 minutes). At that time, the program's tiltle displays "Not Responding" when in fact, it is running. I also create a Output box to display message "Running..." and "Done".
Is there any tricks to "fix" this? I mean i dont want the program says "Not Responding". My friend told me to optimize my code. I'm a self-learning beginner. I understand his point, but... it's just i dont even understand what i could do to make my code more efficient, i dont know why this kind of code is better than that kind.
I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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2021.09.26 18:52 Sloikk Any albums/songs similar to ecco2k??

His voice is so beautiful i cant find anything else like it ;( my fav songs are security and calcium
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2021.09.26 18:52 hsgamer_pl Is it worth to buy D2R already after the initial launch hell?

So I'm still on the fence if I should buy D2R already or wait a little longer due to technical issues this game had on the initial launch date.
Does character deletion still happens after three days? Does it still randomly rollback the progress?
I do not want to go over and over the same stuff since I've never played D2 too much and do not want to be annoyed and give it up because of early technical issues.
My main platform would be PC I guess but I also have PS5 and Switch.
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2021.09.26 18:52 theoneandlonelyspark How fix?

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2021.09.26 18:52 curious_wade Refrence track

Hey guys, wanna ask how u find urself perfect refrence track for ur song u working
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