Russia to commission 15 new nuclear power units by 2035, Rosatom says — RT Business News

2021.09.26 17:19 fmayer60 Russia to commission 15 new nuclear power units by 2035, Rosatom says — RT Business News

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2021.09.26 17:19 EmpericallyIncorrect Day 2

I successfully abstained from the nightly work blunt. I'm going to try to get a better job soon so I'm not tempted
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2021.09.26 17:19 _Phaze_ Do any of you have prostate problems?

I have prostatitis that came about after my high prolactin came about. Anyone here have prostate issues as well? I'm curious if there's a connection.
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2021.09.26 17:19 Kosin7 Not a happy camper

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2021.09.26 17:19 FnordFinder A Nonprofit Run by a Trump Administration Official Is Training 'Critical Race Theory Activists'

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2021.09.26 17:19 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 17:19 AverageJoePlays Racing the NYPD!!

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2021.09.26 17:19 dirtylittleincel I hate this predatory girl so much

she knows that im annoyed by her but she still persists with me. every week she texts me, hoping that i will meet with her. maybe i should tell her to meet with me and **** *** ** when she walks in.
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2021.09.26 17:19 AvraPollock Real Oviedo vs Girona | LaLiga 2 (Sep 26, 12:15PM ET)

MATCH INFO Start time: Sep 26, 12:15PM ET Location: Oviedo Venue: Carlos Tartiere Round: 7 Competition: LaLiga 2
Watch this stream: Link 1: Link 2: Link 3: Link 4:
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2021.09.26 17:19 mememaker_07 EH! EH! HE SAID IT! HE SAID IT!

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2021.09.26 17:19 skittlesenjoyer How Do We Feel About Ireland's Contribution To The War Effort?

How Do We Feel About Ireland's Contribution To The War Effort? The Irish Free State was obviously neutral during ww2, but given their secret support for the Allies, can they be looked at favourably?
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2021.09.26 17:19 Capable_Metal_9001 Duda sobre Jurassic Word Evolution

Se puede usar con teclado y ratón en ps4?
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2021.09.26 17:19 Snoo-21252 Hot girl😍

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2021.09.26 17:19 Sharan-Reddy What are bricks?

How do I own bricks? Can they be used in the game? Where else can they be used?
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2021.09.26 17:19 SupineTwist Looking for a new Mud

Hi all, just about to embark in mudding and a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices available. Thought i'd ask the hive-mind here for some guidance.
Anyone know of a mud that would ideally have: - none or restrictions on PK (im a casual player) - lots of exploration (what i preffer most to do, go out and explore) - preferrably classless, or skill-based. I hate how im destined to one playstyle just because I chose "wizard" at character creation. - descriptive text (i would be playing to have an immersive experience) - im genre agnostic, as long as it has the above
Any hints are mucho appreciated!
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2021.09.26 17:19 DanniWho Here are the new babies I picked up yesterday <3 I have named them Will Feral, Aaaahl Pacino, TrashCatherine Zeta-Jones, and Kim Possumble. They are *likely* the last group of late season babies-until baby season rolls around again in a few months!

Here are the new babies I picked up yesterday <3 I have named them Will Feral, Aaaahl Pacino, TrashCatherine Zeta-Jones, and Kim Possumble. They are *likely* the last group of late season babies-until baby season rolls around again in a few months! submitted by DanniWho to Possums [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 17:19 Rubberbandman1977 The Watchmen tv show is over rated

The tv series is over rated and the fans of the show are toxic
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2021.09.26 17:19 andreaarmanni Why China, Regulators and Tech Giants are so Afraid of Cryptocurrencies!

There are plenty of reasons but IMO one of the reasons we don't often think about is how much control large entities have on our personal data and the implications that a successful decentralised data commons can have on the Real Data Economy.
In today’s Web 2.0 paradigm, China uses its population's data to keep the country in order. Digital monopolies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon are building unassailable AI capabilities to monetise free users' data. Just imagine that Google alone makes $130Bn per year from selling our data - a figure that accounts for over 80% of their revenue. Ultimately, everybody in today's world is fighting for who ‘owns’ our data to increase their supremacy.
But, cryptocurrencies (and blockchain in general) could jeopardise this economic stability. In fact, the raise of blockchain technology is giving us the tools to write tomorrow's Web 3.0 paradigm and ensure no single entity controls our data. Crypto startups such as Fractal Protocol are building decentralised data marketplaces to enable users to take back control of their data. This way they are reducing, and eventually removing, the competitive advantage of hoarding private data by enabling anybody to monetise the data we share and generate.
Through companies such as Fractal, we will be able to choose IF China, Google or Facebook can use our data, or we could decide to auction it off to get the best price. We might decide to only sell general information, but not our genomic data. Perhaps we could rent access to genomic data to cancer research charities but not insurers.
We aren’t there yet, but the fight is happening and the need for a decentralised data commons is real. Over 500,000 users are already using Fractal's decentralised data commons and large monopolies such as Google are already working on more private ecosystems such as Google Privacy Sandbox.
The real question is: who's going to gain the upper hand?
I take a bet and go for the crypto ecosystem!
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2021.09.26 17:19 pixiebiitch i may have to take in a teenage dependent and i’m freaking out a bit

i’m just shy of 23. i don’t have kids but work with them through tutoring which is why i’ve posted here before.
a young family member is having similar trouble that i had with my own family, and they want to live with me, and their parents want them to live with me.
i’m in a city that’s still locked down and i had covid, so i’m still recovering from that. i’m also studying at uni. i already dropped some subjects to cope with recovering from feeling unwell, and i may drop one more and extend my course out to deal with this.
i have a good psychologist and lovely friends but no family support. i feel scared. i have been financially dependent since i was a teen and i can definitely look after myself, i can probably look after a teen if i have to (and i want to, in this situation) but i really need some advice. i don’t even know what specific advice to ask for. i’m completely lost right now.
part of me is upset at the possibility of not being able to really enjoy my youth. i lost two years to covid, and i may have a dependent for a few more years now.
i have a wonderful relationship, but not sure if i can maintain it and i honestly would feel guilty expecting my partner to stay with me if the relationship dynamic is going to change so much. i will discuss it with them obviously, but i think they have the right to enjoy being young and carefree and they shouldn’t have to stay with me. we spend a lot of time together and i enjoy that time so much, i value it immensely. and i don’t think it will be the same if i have to take in my family member.
i know this isn’t all about me. i know that the most important thing is providing a safe environment to a young person who is struggling right now. but it looks like i will have to make sacrifices, and i feel upset about that, but not upset enough to not do it. i couldn’t in my heart leave someone this young to fend for themselves when i probably do have the capacity to care for them. i wanna have the freedom to be young and stupid, and i don’t think i will have that freedom if this really does happen. i would love to be able to have a balance but i’m not sure if that is possible. i don’t even know to the full extent what sacrifices i will have to make here. i feel a bit guilty for feeling this way, because it’s silly to value wanting to have fun and do dumb things over actually caring for someone who needs it.
i really just don’t know what to do. i will speak to my psychologist about it but i would appreciate any input. i understand the basics like i’ll need to financially provide, make sure they’re safe, feed them and give them support for a few things. but i don’t think i actually understand the gravity of the situation and what it actually will be like, and everything i’ll have to do to be able to care for them adequately. truth is, i wanna be there for them. but i have no clue what i’m getting into. i’m going in blind.
man... this is hard. i don’t know what i’m doing. but when i was that age i really needed someone to be there for me this way and no one was. i had to figure it all out on my own and look after myself. so if i have the opportunity to help, i can’t say no because it’s exactly what i prayed for at that age and in this same situation. i have the opportunity to give someone what i desperately needed, and i think that’s why i really can’t say no, because i understand the gravity of how this kid feels right now.
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2021.09.26 17:19 alper Swiss give overwhelming backing for gay marriage

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2021.09.26 17:19 Straverr [FOR SALE] The Weeknd - After Hours Deluxe SIGNED vinyl for cheap

I unfortunately need some quick $ for unexpected expenses, which is why I'm selling my signed copy of After Hours Deluxe for quite a low price. Value is easily $225+ according to past sales on Discogs & eBay, but I'm willing to sell it for $145.

Vinyl has never been played and is in mint condition.

Please send me a chat message & I'll get back to you asap. Located in Europe. Shipping worldwide
PM me if you have any questions!
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2021.09.26 17:19 AdUnlucky2467 Lilmochidoll Public naked Show Her Sexy Tits Small Nips And Sexy Dance

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2021.09.26 17:19 silentrocker Mount Machhapuchhre at Annapurna Base Camp

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2021.09.26 17:19 isthmusofkra Lancelet sagittal section - myomeres and myosepta, which is which (light or dark bands)?

Sagittal section here. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.26 17:19 Small-Interaction538 Recruiters, do you prefer applicants, who are very excited and positive who tend to talk too much about how good they are or more calm and down to earth laconian introverts?

I had lots of interviews and have the feeling, that applicants need to tell very much about , sell themselves. I mean, why it isn’t enough if you answer the question: why do you want to work here? Just say: I can identify with the tasks, as I have experience in it.
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