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2021.09.26 17:46 Life-Organization-73 Japanese to English

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2021.09.26 17:46 obovoc What made you stop liking an artist's work?

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2021.09.26 17:46 curiousbowling Perfect

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2021.09.26 17:46 ChampagnePapi42069 what ye album helped you when you were feeling down? how?

mine will always be 808s. 6 months after my breakup, i can say that it single-handedly saved my life
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2021.09.26 17:46 God_Sp3ar Theory: Humans being "of Odium"

The title is a bit misleading, but it was the most spoiler free title i could come up with. My theory is essentially that humans still has somewhat of a connection to Odium, and that this connection has been carried over to the radient spren through the Radiant Bond (can't remember the exact name) All of the evidence i have for this comes from RoW where right before saying the fourth ideal Kaladin is seen having glowing red eyes, as if he had taken in Voidlight, which he probably had and then using it to power his surges, which i can't imagine being possible if humans had completely abandoned their connection to Odium for Honor' unless there is some sort of Moash type deal going on, which hadn't been completed for Kaladin at that point. The second bit of evidence, specifically for the human's connection to Odium having somehow been transferred to the radient spren is that Venli can take Voidlight into her gemheart, where Timbre were as well without hurting Timbre in any way.
I'm not sure if this theory is anything more than wild speculation, but that scene with Kaladin has been in the back of my mind as something important since i read it and this is the best explanation I could come up with.
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2021.09.26 17:46 blvdnghts_97 DIDU - SPRING SUMMER 2022 - FASHION FILM featuring Grimes

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2021.09.26 17:46 b3terbread Should I finish all the essays before knowing where I'm going to apply

So once you finish common app essay you can apply to any school that uses common app right? I'm also applying to texas schools so finishing the applytexas and common app essays, is that a good idea? Because right now I have no clue what to do and I haven't done anything yet and I want to feel productive and actually do something. So should I do this or wait until I have a defined college list?
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2021.09.26 17:46 Sights018 Power, in black and white [2017]

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2021.09.26 17:46 OkOrganization1486 Spotem on FaceTime with BuckBlock/Paxon/Choway member

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2021.09.26 17:46 DegreeFit3661 [Mid Match] RCB vs MI

RCB - 165/6 (20)
Innings Progression

Player innings progression
Powerplay - 0(4)
Powerplay - 31*(20) Middle overs - 20(22)
Powerplay - 13*(12) Middle overs - 19(12)
Middle overs - 34*(27) Death - 22(10)
Death - 11(6)
Death - 1*(3)
Death - 1(3)
Death - 2(2)
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2021.09.26 17:46 C-TAY116 Which of Ezra's lightsabers did you like better?

I loved his first saber. It was so unique, but also extremely clever. A lightsaber, with a blaster built in? It's kind of the ultimate Star Wars weapon. His second saber is just another green blade, like thousands of other Jedi. His first saber made him unique from every Jedi that came before.
What do you guys think?
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2021.09.26 17:46 c_jakchi Is this normal for Leaf by Oscar ? should I remove the wrapper leaf

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2021.09.26 17:46 lnfromfrance Spider id? About 2 or 3 CMS. I Live in France

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2021.09.26 17:46 detestableduck13 H: VE50 Fixer W: Junk Offers

Looking for Spring Oil Adhesive and Plastic - for the most part in that order of importance.
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2021.09.26 17:46 hwg3141 Hi

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2021.09.26 17:46 isa_de_tekenaar “I can control…the server again” (@isa_de_tekenaar on Twitter :D)

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2021.09.26 17:46 ozymandias2891 Sexy!

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2021.09.26 17:46 Sora__Heartless Can we put spoilerwarning on the setlist posts? Thank you.

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2021.09.26 17:46 POEMLORD “The ‘Gospel According to the Hebrews’ in the Apostolic Fathers” by Beatrice

Pier Franco Beatrice’s article, The ‘Gospel According to the Hebrews’ in the Apostolic Fathers” is an article that addresses two unknown Gospel passages in the letter of Ignatius of Antioch to the Smyrnaeans and a fragment of the treatise of Papias of Hierapolis an explanation of the Lord's proverbs (Beatrice, 2006). The author attempts to reveal that these passages are the two oldest recognized by critically assessing accessible Patristic evidence and the Judea-Christian Gospel customs as well as the passages from the Gospel regarding the Hebrews. The author depicts possible consequences for an enhanced perception of the development of the Gospel culture from its beginnings to the second century's end.
According to the article, the Epistle to the Smynaeans, Ignatius of Antioch argues against unknown rivals who alleged that Christ barely experienced suffering in appearance. To deny this Christological concept with a blameless introduction, Ignatius emphasizes that Christ really experienced suffering and defeated death. According to Beatrice (2006), His response is fundamentally founded on a precept of the risen Christ guided to Peter and the other apostles that "stretch out, feel me, and discern I am not an evil spirit." The source of this quotation has long been argued. Paget (2019) indicates that the Gospel of the Hebrews is preserved in fragments summarized or quoted by several Church Fathers.
The article has several strengths, for instance, the author utilizes simple English and examples that a reader can understand and relate with the topic. Moreover, the article emphasizes the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 11:2, in Christ’s baptism, but also adopts Jewish Wisdom of the Gospel. The article appropriately translates the original gospel according to a list of canonical and apocryphal works drawn during the 2nd century. The author incorporates a narrative life of Christ, which comprises baptism, temptations, transfiguration, Last Supper, crucifixion, and resurrection. The author presents possible results to be attained for enhanced comprehension of the development of the Gospel story from its beginnings. The article can be considered as a leading article of the study of the New Testament and associated subjects. Paget (2019) indicates that it incorporates textual and literary critique, analytical understanding, faith, and the traditional and literary history of the New Testament and ancient Christians.
The article also has several weaknesses. For instance, it does not explain why there was resistance in accepting the Gospel of the Hebrews. Moreover, there are several explanations that the author fails to further explain early Hebrew textual Gospel remains. For example, the article does not critically explain the bias against the Gospel written in Hebrew, during the lifetime of Christ and after His death, denying the significance of the Hebrew language in the first decade of Christianity and more extensive early Jewish literacy. Furthermore, it seems that in scholarly consensus on something, contrary evidence presented in the article seems to be automatically reduced or ignored.
Pier Franco Beatrice’s article, The ‘Gospel According to the Hebrews’ in the Apostolic Fathers” is an article that addresses two unknown Gospel passages in the letter of Ignatius of Antioch to the Smyrnaeans and a remnant of the treatise of Papias of Hierapolis an Exegesis of the Lord's precepts. The article has several strengths, for instance, the author utilizes simple English and examples that a reader can understand and relate with the topic. However, it does not explain why there was resistance in accepting the Gospel of the Hebrews.
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2021.09.26 17:46 Timcrypto1308 Should I pay unloyal scholars?

Hello, 2 weeks ago I got a New scholar and he was a pretty strange guy in general. I only accepted him as a scholar because I was looking for someone with experience I don’t have to teach, he told me he reached 1500 MMR with a bad team in his previous scholarship. But I gave him a very decent team (2 meta axies, 1 really strong floor beast with high very damage) and he always stayed at about 1000-1100. He also never really texted me or talked to me and when I asked him something he always answered 2 days later.
2 days ago I asked him what his ronin address is because today is his pay day but he still didn’t respond.
I just checked the axie management page and saw that he didn’t meet the 100 SLP quota yesterday (he only made 60) and he didn’t played today at all.
I just took away all of his axies and I’m planning to give it to a new scholar.
My question now is should I pay him for the 12 days he actually played or should I just ignore him since he never bothered to answer me, lied about his skill and was pretty strange in general. What do you think? Thanks in advance
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2021.09.26 17:46 Immediate-Engineer85 How to stop reddit auto remove posts with images. I somehow managed to post one art and then i cant anymore but anything else i can post normally.

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2021.09.26 17:46 Dietznerd For people who grow trees from seed, what’s your preferred method of stratification?

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2021.09.26 17:46 MSOTruliever Hochul launching purge of Cuomo cronies from Albany: sources

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2021.09.26 17:46 Oboungagungah Where can I find the official stream?

Hey everyone! I was just wondering where I can find the official TLOU day stream and what time it’s going to start. Thank you!
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2021.09.26 17:46 Agreeable_Energy7258 I don't Think Riley is okay

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